IDS Services to Support Emergency Closures

IDS recognizes that many libraries are developing contingency plans related to extended closings due to the Coronavirus.  We wanted to share some important information related to IDS services.


For members who are closed, with no staff on hand to receive deliveries

  • UPS notified IDS that it is no longer feasible for them to hold packages at their local hubs. UPS is overwhelmed with the volume of held packages for many customers, not just libraries.   Moving forward, they will attempt to deliver packages to a location three times before returning the item. If your library has specific, regular days that UPS can make deliveries on, they will honor those days. Please notify IDS of those days.
  • UPS can deliver to another location on campus if it is staffed. If this is an option for your library, please notify IDS.
  • If you are issuing labels to your patrons for the return of materials, please use the address of the staffed location. You can use your home address as a return address; however, we cannot reroute a package that has shipped with your library address on it.
  • IDS encourages closed libraries to turn off OCLC and ILL sharing services if you have not done so already.
  • Libraries should instruct patrons not to return items until the library reopens.  Patrons can hold on to shipping labels for when this happens.


If you have not already done so, please notify IDS of your closing so that we can formally notify UPS.  In doing so, we will be able to better coordinate your delivery on a day when staff can be on hand to receive it. If you have only notified your driver or your local UPS hub, they will automatically make a delivery on a day of their choosing after about 14 days.

For all libraries, UPS can make their delivery to another address such as a general mail or receiving area.

Libraries can move their shipping operations from Worldship to if needed (for example, if working from home, library staff could still generate and email/send return shipping labels to patrons). Members can reach out to IDS with any questions about this.


For libraries with staff on hand

UPS can continue to deliver based on your availability and instructions. Please notify your driver as well as IDS.

IDS encourages all libraries to continue to notify us ( or of their status as well as tell their driver. IDS is working directly with our UPS representative to coordinate hold and delivery efforts in an effort to continue to best service our members.


Printing Return Shipping Labels

IDS Members may use pre-preprinted shipping labels to help patrons return library materials to the library. 

Important notes:

  • Libraries should create a return label with their address as the ship to and ship from.
  • Best judgement should be used for the weight. UPS will scan and adjust to actual weight.
  • Shipping charges will not be incurred until the package is actually shipped.
  • Patrons can use retail locations as a means to return library materials and receive a receipt.
  • Patrons can also hand packages to UPS drivers; however, no receipt is issued.


Shipping to Residential Locations

Members are reminded that shipping to residential locations is allowed under the current IDS pilot. The pilot covers the residential surcharge (typically $1.45 per package) along with the shipping charges. Please note that residential shipments will count towards your annual package count. Please be sure to use the Worldship, USPS or validation tools when entering residential addresses, including zip codes.  Learn more about the residential pilot here.


If you have any additional questions or ideas, please do not hesitate to reach out to Denise at  IDS is committed to helping our members work through these events as best we can.